Greenmount Sustainable Energy Resources

Greenmount Project

The Greenmount Retention Licence Application area is located north of Yarram in South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia; and covers 8349 ha of flat coastal plains. The area is a combination of cleared farming land and forested Crown Land.

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The company reported a JORC compliant resource estimate in this area during 2012 over shallow coal delineated by the former State Electricity Commission; and intends to expend around five million dollars over the next seven years further investigating this resource.
The proposed program of work is likely to include:
  • The drilling of infill bores to obtain greater confidence in the location and quality of the coal resource.
  • Computer modelling of this and earlier drilling to better understand the location and quantity of coal.
  • An assessment of the quality of coal.
  • Reviews of value-adding technologies that could be applied to the coal.
  • Environmental assessments to identify better areas for possible future developments.
  • Transport and other infrastructure studies; as well as conceptual mine planning.
  • A Pre-Feasibility study to assess the viability of potential developments identified by the above work program.
The initial work program has a five year horizon with the Pre-Feasibility study being completed in years six and seven. A timeline for this program is provided here.